No Battle, No Victory!™

Tune out the comments of others.  Tune out the expectation of society. Tune out your inner voice telling you to quit.  Conquer your mind and have absolute power.  Force your body to change.  Fight for what you want.  Strength is not given, it's earned!

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I lost 10% body fat in 3 months training with Dictator Fitness owner David! It was tough, but he made the process fun and now with some great advice from him, I'm healthier and staying consistent with my own workout routine!

SGT Espino, Xavier, US Army

As a gym goer I always look for comfortable clothes to wear.  Something stylish but also breathable. With Dictator Fitness it's everything the average person could ask for.  If I could compare any brand with it, it'd be Nike, because not only do they look to make the customer happy but they supply a variety of things that nobody could turn down. If you want the hot new look and be able to crush a workout I strongly believe Dictator Fitness is the place to start. 

Josh Cofield @joco_fitness

David is an excellent personal trainer that is personable, has patience, & very understanding. He has helped me with challenging exercise routines which have made me push myself harder leading to amazing results!  I am extremely happy with my progress & will continue my fitness journey with him! 

SFC Cosme, U.S. Army @cars_fitness_travel

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