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A dictator is defined as a ruler with "total power" over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.  Dictator Fitness is all about YOU having absolute power over your mind and forcing your body to change!  Half the battle is mental, and the other half deals with having the heart and courage to push through adversity to reach your goals.  You are the only person who stands in your way of achieving the success and results you want.  Your mind will defeat you well before anything else.  Fight back, when your mind is telling you to stay in bed a little longer,  take a day off, or not to push too hard.  Fight back, when your mind is saying its just one candy bar or its just one cheat meal.  Fight back when your body is saying its tired and to stop.  You have to be willing to wake up everyday and fight for what you want.  Strength is not given, its earned.  No Battle, No Victory!



Dictator Fitness Owner: David DeCola (Certified Personal Trainer)


Dictator Fitness Owner

David was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio and grew up playing several sports; Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track.  Served in the U.S Army as Military Police and Counterintelligence Agent and actually fell in love with fitness in 2010 while deployed to Iraq.  David used working out as a way to help relieve stress which then turned into something that he loved doing daily.  Throughout his years of service he was appointed as a Remedial Physical Training Instructor where his main purpose was to help Soldiers lose body fat and improve their strength and endurance.  He has helped over 100 plus Soldiers improve their physiques and obtain various fitness goals.  He has trained a wide age range of clients; from 12-62 years of age; various body types; and clients with no fitness experience to clients that were college athletes; and more.  He has been a Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach for nine years.